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Dear Araysa

Five years have passed since I first hold you in my arms
I, who never thought I'd ever deserved the title
Was to face the blessings and responsibilities
As your mother

Our first months was tiring for me
Baby blues struck me
Though thank God quite lightly
You looked funny and strange that time
You grew healthy and strong

The first year was awesome
You were cute and pretty and active
Going back from work was exhausting
But I wouldn't choose anything else
Having you in my arms warms my heart

The bigger you are the more you grew as a person
We talked more, you tell more stories
It's amazing how a young human can use so many words
Talk so much with plenty of plots, curiosity and imagination

This previous year was challenging
The bigger you are, the more you grew, the more we fight
And the more we fight, the more I realized
We're so much alike

Raising you will be like raising myself
Yeah! Good luck with that!

So many years to come
So much things to do together

My biggest wish?
So that I can love you as you are
And you can love as I am
As a human, a person, a soul
And not only because we were destined to be
A mother and her daughter

With mindful love,



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