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Not Again

In between classes and meet ups, i miss you
Along scrolls of timeline, I miss youIn seconds
Or minutes
Here and there
Now and then
I miss you

March 29

The sky is clear. Bright blue. Remind me of you. Why do I still miss you?I wanna bathe in sun's ray of warmth, careless of the UV alert haha  ----Still feeling hollow. Anxious between the thought of future. Salatiga. Setup business. The coaching business. Hubby's plans.Paralyzed by my own worries.Reading quotes/posts on change and facing myself, kinda motivated yet still imprisoned.What/how do I want out of life?Where do I want to be?
Plans for the rest of day: bantu nia beres2, belanja Mirota.
For tomorrow's holiday? Bantu nia beres2. Lihat pameran sm Aray.